Fly me to the Moon.

I'm thinking about leaving LiveJournal, at least for a bit. I should have known all that disappearing was the prelude of something.
It's not because someone here took me wrong, or because it was me who took wrong someone; I guess it's all fault of some personal things which always leave me speechless, day after day. And being speechless isn't that useful for writing a blog, is it?
I've even switched off the phone, to tell you how much I'd love to hear from people or to text other people. My friends' problems, my family troubles, my problem themselves are leaving me without a word to write here.
I just have excuses.
I just have to say sorry; I remember I added some people before being missing last time. I must say "Sorry!" to them because I was a vain add, and I wasn't very active. Especially to the people I have known for long time, I must say "Sorry!" because I'm leaving them with angry words for people they haven't ever met and not cheerful sentences for they who deserve them.
Since it's the 4th March, I just wanna also say "Happy B-Day!" to rimrose . To wish good luck to stepsolightly , and I stop here and just say "Thank you for everything, I enjoyed our conversations and I remember well each of you. You weren't just a number in the friend list!" to the others. I would say a thing to everyone but that would be too sad for a usually energetic person like me.
I guess it's all. I'll return eventually, when my usual wish to write comes back, that's why I'll not delete the journal. Moreover there are some entries I really like here. But for now I can swear nothing. Take care, you all!
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May I...?

About love, distance, school and all this open-minded things.

Looks like disappearing is in my blood. It's just that, in this period, I would like people near me to be more open-minded.
What is being open-minded? I take this line from a dictionary, read it yourself. It's better than any of my angry words.
'o·pen-mind·ed (pn-mndd)
Receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others.

Sounds hard, doesn't it? But, to be honest, it's quite easy if you have at least a bit of brain. You know, the other day I was at school trying to learn about Art from my teacher; and it was absolutely impossible because my classmates were jumping and screaming as animals in a recently opened zoo. When I asked them to sit down and be silent, one of them replied "Why are you listening to her? It's just Art, Art. It will never be useful to work in a company or anywhere." Apart from that some jobs need you to know about it, it's a shameless sentence without any real meaning. It's general culture! We go to school to learn about culture, not only to be taught how to work in a company! Then delete History, Latin and Literature, who cares about them? And then we Italians complain about politicians that don't even know why our country is called Italia like that.
And my father today, the day I was happy, found himself a way to destroy my good time. There's my boyfriend coming here next week from a city 800kms away; and it's fantastic, seriously. But my father hates him, the thing that he's distant and all which concerns him, so he's being very bitchy these days. And dammit it's not as I like him to be far or anything, so why can't you just shut up too and let me see him in peace after damned seven months?
Be open-minded, be less as a pen in the ass. Sometimes people can do odd things, as listening to an Art lesson or having a boyfriend in a distant city, but until they're happy let them being how they like.
I'm sorry about the grammar but I wrote it all together without re-reading sentences to check them. I'm just...incredulous.
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Girls are terrible at stabbing things.

The 10 things you want to do before dying.

Are there 10 things you want to do before dying?
I...have never thought about them. I haven't ever needed them, because I've always felt like there were nothing I would have done.
But, something has changed not so long time ago. That's why I'm writing a post to suggest this very nice, well-written and with a wonderful OST visual novel.

The anonymous protagonist is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after his twentieth birthday, and is admitted to a hospital in Mito, Ibaraki. There he meets Setsumi, a woman a few years older, who is also terminally ill. Finding that they both reject to die either in hospital or at home, they steal a car and run away together.

Narcissu Side 2nd


Narcissu: Side 2nd's plot revolves around Setsumi, the heroine from the original visual novel, and the people and circumstances that formed her into the character presented in the first game. She will share the limelight with new characters, including Himeko, Yuka and Chihiro.

There is also a third game, Narcissu 3rd -Die Dritte Welt-, but I haven't played it and I can't recommend it without knowing. But, believe me, this game is worth it. The first didn't make me cry, instead the second did a lot, but all yesterday I felt like someone has threw my heart away in a bin. It's fully depressing and yet a beautiful tale. Unluckily, hidden from most people.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Special Episodes Guide

While I was yelling at Bidoof's Wish, I noticed there wasn't a single one walkthrough or tip for the special episodes except on youtube. And you can guess, it's a shame, so I decided to write one myself. Don't expect anything perfect but okay.
(Since I'm lazy, plot taken from
Episode 1: Bidoof's Wish
Collapse )
(Since I'm lazy, plot taken from
Episode 2: Igglybuff the Prodigy
Collapse )
(Since I'm lazy, plot taken from
Episode 3: Today's "Oh My Gosh"
Collapse )
(Since I'm lazy, plot taken from
Episode 4: Here comes Team Charms

Collapse )

(the last episode will come not soon)

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Hold on to that feelin'

I tried to eat an orange today, too; but it was still sour, and I cried.

I use this post as an excuse to show one of my latest pics.
I'm going to buy Pokémon White this saturday (at least I hope that), and it will cost 39.90 euro. As you can imagine, it's pretty much, but here is the normal price for games. When I said it to my brother (I confess complaining a bit), he answered "why are you doing such a thing? Games are made to be downloaded for free!" and my arms fell to the ground. I couldn't believe he said it. That's so stupid and shameless.
But, you know, it's a common practice among young people. Just download it as you're a homeless without paying the right price and you're ok with yourself. No. No. NO.
I've been grown up knowing that everything has a price and needs to be earned in order to have it. That's why, if you want a book or a game, you need money in exchange. If you want that boy to be your lover, you need to confess. And, when even my mother said I could have easily downloaded all my games instead of spending that much, my world was like capsized. But I wrote a post about the fantastic sensation of holding a booklet in your hands, and I love to see all that boxes on the shelf, and I still think downloading is wrong. People worked on it, people gave sweat, an equal money exhange is the right thing to do to pay them for it.
It's understandable if you're nearly poor, or still a bit understandable if you want to try the game as a demo and then buy it if you like it, but just have all things free is for vitiated-princess chicks. Also when you're male.
This must look like a fangirlish rant (and probably is) but I'm very angry tonight. Oh and happy 150 Italia!
Shizzy-chan is booored

The hand behind your back.

Lately I've been pretty busy; sorry, I disappeared. I'm terrible. X3


Btw, I was thinking about a thing I noticed. Usually, tons of people keep their internet life far from the real life. Not the "friends only" thing or such, but the likes and dislikes of the rl person cease to be hidden only in the "anonymous" virtuality. The sentence sounds messy.
It's hard to understand. Taking myself as example because I'm obviously the person I know better: all my classmates, parents and even strangers-alike know my passion for instrumental music, visual novels, games but shooters, anime and even not reverse harems or galge in the spare time. I heard all sort of stuff because of that, like "do you eat cats?" or "trap geeky lesbian!", but I went ahead and I'm okay with my life anyway. No one still says this, especially because I have no problems if you hate anime or games, until you don't start making a fuss about them. Respect for everyone. And I'm not a Japan whore, since I don't really want to go there. If they ask yeah, I'm on MAL/PF/whatever.
Why being false in reality or in virtuality?
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Stentor life.

While I'm arranging the two rented entries in my mind, I wanted to share with you a funny story.
I play the violin and today I decided to do some practice. It was two says since I touched it last time, because I have been a lot busy due to some homework, and I still had to make practice with my left hand.
You know? Because I also use the left I'm sure now I can even write with it.
Well, I wasn't worried and all seemed normal. I put it out of its box with the espalier, picked the fiddlestick, tried to so some exercises. I regret it with all my soul. I heard the sound of a broken glass, and it was my hair on the strings. Since I have short hair, I still can't understand how it went there. Then, trying to play again, I hurt one of my eyes with the top of the fiddlestick. Finally, after 20 minutes of panic, I did something good. Thinking that I have always been so good with it, before this morning!
Believe me; instruments could be awesome friends, but don't make them angry leaving them on the shelf for more than 12 hours. Don't forgive, don't forget.
Well, because this entry is basically pointless, here is the piece I will play when I become better. Without even a one day break from practice.
Collapse )
I already have the sheet music. <3
Pants down

Abyss of the Inflation [From the Abyss related]

Yesterday I finished this cute game. I've said it lots of times; nothing special. But how much I loved the sprites of my character, God only knows.
This is not a review. I wouldn't be in the mood for that. But, at the beginning it was quite hard to find money, buy items and all things like that and I thought about sharing some tips. Monetary tips.

a. How many potions and drugs have I to buy?
Don't waste your money buying those things at the shop; it's useless. Often you would even have too many of them, without ever buying one. If you need one that desperately, do a previous dungeon again and the monsters will drop lots of them. However, if you have at least from six to ten of each, I recommend to go for the next Abyss. For a boss, instead, less than ten is a suicide (but 10 are perfect).
b. I'm in one of the first three dungeons and I desperately need that expensive sword (any weapon or battle item, seriously)! How can I do?
There are multiple ways to go. First, before getting a new item, check the new dungeon and its elemental power. You wouldn't do a fire dungeon with a FIRE sword, would you? Next, if you just need it:
you can sell everything you have, even your soul and your sister, praying that after the money will be enough. And, to get new free items, check the "a" question. But it's a great loss of time and I don't recommend this. Instead, some mosters even drop weapons and it often happened to me to buy one and after getting it by killing enemies. Make sure this won't happen before purchasing! And, use which bosses drop. See the last section for this. Summarizing: weapons, armors and rings by killing random monsters and bosses. As for potions. Easy, fast and free.
c. My money is never enough! Would it be better to do an economy course?
Yeah, maybe in rl. But in this game not, I ended it with still 600000 coins! Doing the first dungeons, it seems like money is few and prices high. It's like that just for Abyss 1, maybe 2. Rewards after bosses are huge, if you've used the first two advices now you would have saved some money, so you will always have all the cash that you need. BASICAL THING: if you have found "eye of the Abyss", "sapphire", "feather of the monster" and such, sell them. All items you can't use as equipment, to restore life/magic or to exit a dungeon are pretty useless. Even antidotes, I never used them.
d. What does bossed drop?
Haha, you've came here from the b tip, did you? Anyway, there's a small list. I didn't insert monsters' names, just numbers, because it wouldn't be fun to discover otherwise.
Steel Axe
ATK 20 DEF 0

Flame Spear
ATK 26 DEF 0
INT 15 MEN 0
Cold Rod
ATK 22 DEF 0
INT 40 MEN 0
Winter Icicle
ATK 35 DEF 0
INT 15 MEN 10
Fire Bow
ATK 50 DEF 0
INT 35 MEN 0
AGI 10 LUK 0
ATK 64 DEF 0
INT 32 MEN 0

ATK 45 DEF 5
INT 90 MEN 0
AGI 5 LUK 10

The last boss doesn't give you anything, but the Queen gives you a ring. It makes stats better.
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May I...?

A rant & a rank.

Second time I use Schuester in the same page lol.
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Can you understand the image over this line of text? Because myself not. Three days ago I saw the second-last episode of the first Glee season, and today I searched Another One Bites the Dust because I liked it a bit. Reading comments is usually half the fun, but this time I felt like I had to write about them. 
I'm not a Gleek; I know the plot is badly developed (too much things left apart) and there are more interesting shows. But I like the way they sing; no one here wants to say that Freddie Mercury's original version is worse than theirs, since there's no clue and it would be false. One here just wants to say that Jonathan Groff's version isn't that bad, and using this song isn't like "bringing Queen back to make them about dumb school problems" (lol), but just singing. Keep calm, guys. This bitching is so tiring even for me!
Anyway, this post is not about that. Its true reason is a ranking about the 10 songs I enjoyed the most. Hope you'll like them as well.
  1. Defying Gravity (Chris Colfer)
  2. My Life Would Suck Without You
  3. Don't Stop Believin'
  4. Dancing With Myself
  5. Another One Bites the Dust
  6. Don't Stand so Close to Me / Young Girl
  7. True Colors
  8. Any Way You Want It; Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
  9. Vogue
  10. Bust A Move